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Pennsylvania Magician Brent Kessler | PA Magicians
Pennsylvania Magician Brent Kessler Stage.jpg

Are you looking to hire a magician? Big or small event, Brent will help you decide what works best for you occasion!

Pennsylvania Magician Brent Kessler Woodloch Performance | Pennsylvania Magicians
Pennsylvania Magician Dinner Entertainment | Pennsylvania Magicians

Standup Performance

Are you looking for a professional performance that will grab the attention of everyone in attendance?

This show blends lighthearted humor, music and mind-boggling magic with a touch of class!


Brent's over-the-edge magic and comedy stand-up performance has acclaimed great reviews from thousands of people across the country. 


This unique show offers the best elements from every aspect of what Brent does.  The show is an amazing hands-on production that is structured on audience interaction.  Every part of the show engages the audience in some way or another.


Highlights from the show include the Floating Table, Live Dove Production, Linking Wedding Rings, Balloon Sword Swallowing, and much more. 


The show is perfect for smaller venues, but can also fill a large banquet room or theater.

However, this show can be tailored to fit almost any venue and event.


Please contact us today to discuss further details about this fun show!

Pennsylvania Magician | PA Magicians
Pennsylvania Magician Brent Kessler | PA Magicians

Close-Up Strolling Magic

Would you like to impress all of your guests, while helping break the ice?


You'll be delighted to hear the gasps of amazement and laughter, as your guests are entertained with their own 5 to 10 minute shows.


Brent's Close-Up Magic consists of interactive magic presentations for individuals who are seated or standing.


Moving from group to group, meeting and greeting your guests, everyone will be speechless as cards, coins, and other objects seem to come to life in Brent's hands. 


This style of magic is perfect for nearly any venue.

No stage needed, no P.A. system to set up, and no special space is required. 


Brent's Close-Up Magic will make the lasting positive impression you desire!

Please contact us today to discuss how we can make your event extra special!

Don't take my word it...

"Thanks so much Brent. You were worth every penny!!!! Everyone had such a great time. Not only are you a great magician but you are also very funny and had the entire group fully engaged. Just a great show all around. In addition, you were such a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!"


-Thomas Jefferson University


"Your show was the hit of our three day meeting!  Thank you for being so entertaining and professional."


-Arkema Inc.

"We thoroughly enjoyed your magic and would recommend you to anyone looking for entertainment!"

-Parkhurst Dining

Brent is a total pro. Every aspect of our engagement were handled efficiently and with great communication. When we hired Brent for our club’s signature community engagement event, we hoped for the best. Now we know we got the best!


-Bill Boland

Corning, NY Mayor

pennsylvania magicians | PA Magicians
Pennsylvania Magician Brent Kessler | PA Magicians
Pennsylvania Magician Brent Kessler Banquet Entertainment | PA Magicians
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Magician Brent Kessler     (570) 677-2664

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