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As Seen On TV

I was introduced to magic when I saw David Copperfield on a television special. Unfortunately there was only one per year. In the 90's there wasn't much magic on TV. So I would record every magic related TV program I could! I watched those recordings so much, eventually the VHS tapes stopped working.

Now everything has changed. These days, television is filled with magic. There is more magic on cable and network than ever before!

America's Got Talent, Penn & Teller "Fool Us", Masters of Illusion, The Carbonaro Effect, David Blaine, Chris Angel, and the list goes on!

With the addition of streaming services like Netflix, you can witness even more great magic!

Hollywood has even got on board. There are a lot of magic related movies that have become very popular. "Now You See Me", "The Illusionist", "The Prestige", "Sleight", "Houdini".

There's no denying it... magic is at the forefront again!

Since magic has become mainstream, I'm getting more calls than ever before. Business is growing, and clients are discovering the fun magic can bring to their events.

Like anything, nothing lasts forever, but for now, I'll enjoy the ride!


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